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My culinary style is influenced by my travelling lifestyle and 

epicurious approach to foods of my host countries when I

lived or travelled to them.  I lean most heavily toward the

Mediterranean cuisine, Belgian and in general European ways with food.  


My deep appreciation for Near and Middle Eastern foods stems from having spent much time and research in such countries.  


Over 30 years ago, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I began my quest to quench my epicurious palate.  Curious about flavours, food,  possibilities and influenced by my travels, I listened to my palate, experimented, and created my recipes. Out of a collection of barely legible notes developed a database which has grown into a book.  This web site was created to share  with whomever passes by, samplings of those recipes created at the Villa.  


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What is...

An epicure is one who has cultivated a discriminating palate and is concerned about quality over fad or mere quantity. None of this means complicated procedures or exotic ingredients. It does mean an appreciation for the sensuousness of good food - the quality, the colour, aroma, texture and harmony of flavours. 

I would go further to say that as far as quality is concerned, this means conscientiously avoiding when one can or keeping to a bare minimum, chemicals (yet not being hysterical about it when unavoidable) and regaining control about what you fuel your body with.

Food should be consumed as close to its natural state as possible - that clearly means not processed and certainly never microwaved. 

Taking control directly means doing it yourself - not packaged, boxed, imitation, processed, plastic semblances of food. The most difficult ingredient in all of this, is time.   And this is a question of priorities, caring and planning, no?

Are you not worthy of the time and effort - and those you love too?

(By the way, 'titbit', flavour, savour etc. are correct.  This is a British English site.)

An early background in the medical field opened my interest in the effect of food on our health.  Through my diversified experience spanning almost nine years, I also gained much insight into the motives of the pharmaceutical/medical/food industries.


Generally self-serving, this Ménage à Trois (akn. lover's triangle) is a dangerous and powerful combination quite capable of purposefully and negligently misleading the consumer.  And why? 


Greed.  Believe me, they are only interested in you and your health if they have something to gain by it.


The long term (for the most part, disastrous) effects upon our health as a result of this is what has made the pharmaceutical industry one of the richest today - creating ever more patients who need ever more doctors, and ever more medications.  


The food industry lulls the consumer into 'got to haves' and quick processed tinned and packaged food as a lifestyle (rather than for an occasional emergency solution). 


A cyclic phenomenon that has changed society for the worse.  Re-educating society to shift the role of nourishing off the working mother to making meals a family endeavour and way of life would have been a far healthier option.  Healthier for the individuals and for the family as a unit.   


Click The Epicurean Digest for  informative articles on good things and bad as well as tips and trivia. (Did you know that coconut was once used as plasma replacement?)

Patricia Conant Webb relocated from Germany to Belgium and now resides on the Costa del Azahar (Orange Blossom Coast) on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain and thus fulfilled a lifelong goal. 

Among other past and current passions and pursuits, she is a freelance writer and regularly contributes articles for the local newspaper, El Set and other publications. 

Having met her husband Reggie, after settling in Spain, they eventually married in Gretna Green, Scotland

Her column "The Kitchen" is translated into three languages as well as her "Gardener's Corner" and "Flash Fiction" columns and other articles.  

Besides working on her current book "Welcome to My Kitchen" and other writing projects, she enjoys travelling, cultural diversity and sharing life with her husband and Tosca, a lively Silky Terrier.


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