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Chocolate Cakes and Co. Ebook


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Does the word 'gourmet' make you think of

complicated, expensive and exotic food

preparation or baking that takes a lot of time

that you don't have, or want to invest?


It doesn't have to be...

...and I will show you how with this versatile master recipe and guide - even if you have never really baked a cake before!


You will learn how easy these cakes are and the secrets to creating your own

quality European style, delicious cakes.


You have a choice of the traditional or speedier version (as fast as those 'throw together ones').   AND my famous ‘Mon Cheri’ Cake recipe is also included.


Learn the secrets to making fine textured and truly exquisite cakes - without expensive ingredients!


'Gourmet' doesn't always rely on expensive ingredients.


Learn the secrets to that too from a food writer and columnist.  


Yes, I am a food writer, author and write a column on food, 'La Cuina' (The Kitchen) here in Spain.  I also have a few other columns but they have nothing to do with food.  And I bake! I have a passion for baking.  Read more about me at my Epicurean Table site.

I have searched for the best chocolate cake recipe and have extensively experimented with my own recipes. 


My standards are high and are influenced by the best in bakery goods - the German and Austrian 'Konditorei' (fine bakery).  I wanted a chocolate cake that was very rich, firm, but not as firm as a pound cake, light but not the kind that falls apart in a mediocre mass of crumbs - and a cake that was easy to make.


I guarantee you my recipes are:

  • not the runny oil based batters (this produces a bland, coarser pored cake that is apt to fall apart)

  • not oversweet to compensate for lack of flavour and finesse

  • not difficult (in fact you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like with the luxury versions).  Even if you have never baked a cake 'from scratch' this guide will  show you how!

  • not time consuming (I show you a speedy version for the rushed)

I further guarantee that:

  • there is NO melted chocolate to fuss over

  • no whipped egg whites

  • the ingredients are what you most likely have in your kitchen right now and are...

  • economical (if you like, but I give you suggestions for a luxury version)

  • these are the easiest gourmet cakes you have ever made!

  • you will learn a secret or two (or more!) to make them just fabulous or simply elegant!

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I also tell you how to make a speedy version (as speedy as those 'throw together oil based ones) when your time is short. 


By the way, this is the perfect cake to make in advance (a day or two if you like).  In fact, it's unique and delicious flavour is even better the day after when the flavours have had time to 'marry'.  And it freezes well!


My tips on kitchen science and the role basic ingredients play will be invaluable to you.  For the benefit of less experienced cooks, I explain in detail the why and how of simple common technique and ingredients. 


The master recipe with variations plus my famous Mon Cherí cake recipe AND additional, valuable information is compiled into an ebook for you to download as a self extracting, virus secure, .exe file. It has tabs for easy navigation, table of contents and pages that turn. 


The ebook is full of tips, photos, step by step photos and much, much more is packed into it.  No, it is not free (but almost - read further about all the bonuses) but only

$7.95 (US dollars)

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Easy and versatile, sensuous and succulent, 

dark dreams of chocolate delights and other

delicious cakes - with photos and an informative guide with recipes

on how YOU can make them!


cover of ebook

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My Bonuses for YOU!:


About those secrets, not only do I include my info articles about them but I explain the 'why' as well.  Do you know what 'the heart of the cake' or the 'body of the cake' means? 


Understanding those simple principals will help you create your own fabulous cakes.

And, not only a variation on the Gourmet Chocolate Cake plus my Chocolate Cherry Cake (the 'Mon Cheri' Cake) but  formulae for making other cakes, just by substituting a few ingredients or changing the amounts. 


What about a Vanilla cake, or Amaretto-Cherry cake?  And as an additional bonus I will include a simple, but delicious icing and a German style butter cream frosting for this recipe.  So for only $7.95 you are really getting not one recipe but these

bonuses too:


  • 1 master recipe for the Gourmet Chocolate Cake, (plus version for the rushed and the luxury version) plus Quick Recipes for 

  • 3 different cakes without chocolate - plus suggestions for more

  • 1 Chocolate Cherry Cake recipe (my famous 'Mon Cheri' cake) - also adaptable for non-chocolate versions plus optional extra recipes for cherry sauces and simple liquors

  • 1 recipe for ....?, simple, useful yet almost forgotten

  • 1 icing recipe, plus tips on varying 

  • 1 frosting recipe, plus tips on varying

  • Photo Gallery

  • and Step by Step Photos




...valuable and useful  information about the kitchen chemistries and whys of the ingredients.  Once you understand these simple key facts, you can easily create your own recipes and variations And I can't help but give you a few more tips along the way!


Did I mention that the recipe is in metrics and cup measurements?


Why am I offering you all this for the low price of $7.95 US (approx. € 6.50)?  Because once my book is published, I must withdraw this offer and I want to introduce you to my book "Sweet Temptations and Simple Breads".


I can let you know now that the price of my exceptional ebook will be going up soon.  This is not a sales ploy, it is a promise.


I am so confidant that you will enjoy my ebook that I guarantee you a no-fuss refund!

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Patricia Conant

Epicurean Delights from Villa Contessa, Spain





By the way, here is a Table of Contents sample from the ebook:


Title Page




the author


Photo Gallery

Gourmet Chocolate Cake and Friends


Great Beginnings

a step-by-step photo guide


Gourmet Chocolate Cake

master recipe, abbreviations legend, quicker version for the rushed, tips


Chocolate Cherry Cake

the 'Mon Cheri' cake - a quick and delicious dessert, photos, tips, plus extra recipes for cherry sauces and a simple cherry liqueur, step by step photos


Quick and Rich

ingredient adjustments for creating three different cakes and inspiration for more


Icing and Frosting

basic icing and basic butter cream frosting 


Baking Tips

tips from alcohol in baking to care of pans, information and photos of pans (forms) for the master recipe, mini glossary, summary of tips


Basic How's and Why's

how ingredients interact and why, technique, 'Heart of the Matter and 'Body of the Matter'



ratios and results, general information, basic formulas, decorating and flavour suggestions


Secret Ingredient and the Last Morsel
tips and variations on an important and oft forgotten recipe







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