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Here you will find articles on food that do not fit the Food Focus page, or culinary techniques and whatever strikes my fancy.  For articles on health related food issues or health benefits of an ingredient (coconut, ginger, pumpkin etc) please visit The Epicurean Digest.


Articles may be reprinted ONLINE without permission if author credits (all info appearing below the line at end of article) remain unaltered and complete and you send me a copy of the issue or a link to where it appears on the internet.


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Chocolate and Wine - Heady Pleasure for the Palate (info and tips)  new!

How to Ruin the Risotto! (info and tips) 

Broth of the Day  - Cook's Secret! (info and tips)

Pisto and Ratatouille.  It's a Spanish-French Affair (info and tips)

In Celebration of Artichokes (info, tips and recipe) 

The Artichoke and Your Health  (info) 

The Overindulged Liver - Understanding It and First Aid  (info) 

Grain Basics - Bulghur and Cracked Wheat  (info)

Grain Basics - Turning Wheat Berries into Bulghur (Bulgar)  (info)  

Grain Product Basics - Semolina and Couscous  (info)  

Beloved Tomato - The Scandalous Fruit    (info)  

Alfresco - More Than Just Outdoor Dining  (info and tips)  

Have your Prawns and Mussels Too! - a cholesterol nightmare?  Not so! (info) 

Chicken Soup - Culinary Poetry and Its Secrets  (info)

Fragrant Basil's Magic Touch - Pistou and Pesto  (info and tips)

Pasta - The Basics and the Myths  (info and tips)  

Tomato Puree and Sauce - too acidic for you?  (info and tips)

Food Preserving - Reviving a Tradition   (info and tips)

Zee Keesh! - or The Quiche and I  (info and tips) 

Articles on the Food Focus page cover asparagus, fennel, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms and more!  

Non-food related articles (selected articles appearing elsewhere on the internet and not on this site)

When Cupid Got a Taste of His Own Medicine (commentary)


Male Hearing - FSD and other Related Phenomena (humour)


Illuminating Thoughts - Toxic Candles  (info)


A Burning Question - Are aromatherapy candles safe?  (info) 


Dry Brushing for Healthier, Silky Skin  (info)


ebook - Gourmet Chocolate Cakes & Co.

European style cakes - easy and versatile!

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Read about food related health issues in 

The Epicurean Digest


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