The Holiday Menu                        

The Christmas dinner menu for most, is a family tradition that remains unchanged with each year - and this is what traditions are about!  This menu works just as well as an elegant New Year's Eve dinner.


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On Christmas Eve in my family, we have a roast pork -  others will have their goose, turkey or fish, which is usually carp. In most of Europe, Christmas Eve is the main event and probably the last party, with opening gifts in the evening.  Christmas Day is spent with visiting the family and is considered the religious holiday.  The 26th is also a holiday and is reserved visiting friends and perhaps family outing.  The Americans, having inherited much from the English besides pies - open their presents in the morning of the 25th with the main culinary event reserved for lunch or late afternoon.  


Here is a menu for the December holiday month - not difficult at all.  The dumplings are no more complicated than making mashed potatoes.  I do not usually serve a dessert with this as there are plenty of Christmas cake, sweets and cookies around!


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Want to try a classic Christmas Cake?  Click on the Tutorial link at the left for the Golden Fruit Cake


 Dance of the Sugar Plums



Vegetarian Tip: 


A delicious alternative for the duck is to serve a vegetable casserole without potatoes or other starch ingredient and a mushroom dish as well (see Recipe Collection).   


A soup such as Spinach and Tangerine makes for a particularly fine starter.  If you are interested, contact me for the recipe.


The Menu

Mange-tout Fans
with Orange Slices
seasoned with
ground coriander seed

Roast Duck with
Cherries in Sauce

Potato Dumplings

Radicchio and
Lamb's Lettuce Salad with Goat Cheese and
Raspberry Vinaigrette


(mange-tout akn. mangetout or Chinese snow peas)

Wine suggestion:

Serve champage or a light Mosel with the appetizer and a red wine such as a Merlot with the duck.



A toast...

To Christmas cheer,
the family near, 

and dear friends 

far away!


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The Menu Recipes 

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Mange-tout Fans     Roast Duck with Hot Cherry Sauce          German Potato Dumplings

Radicchio Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette    


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