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Autumn Fare - sauce, pomegranate, recipe


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Pomegranate Sauce 
I have a pomegranate tree and so have no problem for a good supply in autumn. You can, however, substitute any unsweetened dark juice for this such as cranberry, cranberry-apple, current, grape or even prune. In the case of the latter two, add a few softened in cognac (or brandy) raisins or very finely chopped apple and allow to simmer a few minutes. This is wonderful in autumn with Roast Pork Tenderloin and Autumn Vegetables. A fine sauce for chicken or Cornish hen as well. 

250 ml. pomegranate juice 
1 T. mild honey 
1/2 t. minced fresh rosemary 
1/2 sm. garlic clove 
1 T. sherry vinegar 
1 t. cornstarch 
herb salt 

Add the rosemary to the juice and simmer to reduce to 100 to 125 ml. (less than half to half - depends on flavour intensity of juice) add the honey and garlic and gently simmer for a few minutes. 

Remove the garlic, add the vinegar and a pinch of herb salt. 
Make a paste of the cornstarch with a little water, stir into the sauce and allow to thicken.



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