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Mini-Tutorials . . . 

Everything is easy if you know how and pictures say it all.  These mini-tutorials will make it easy for you!

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Try these photo mini-tutorials.  Impressive and elegant, these are not difficult at all.  A feast for the eyes and the palate!  



Fanned Turkey Stuffed  Pork Loin Filet

(fanning a roast is not new, but see how I do it and try my recipe for the delicious stuffing)


Wild Fennel Cakes  NEW!

(easily prepared wild fennel fronds cakes, delicious and nutritious)


     Golden  Fruitcake with Amaretto

(adapted from a classic English white fruitcake recipe)


Rolled Polpettone in Parchment Paper

(...or use any baking paper - learn this easy technique!) 


Stuffed Grape Leaves

(...with link to filling recipe - try homemade, you will never think of purchasing the 'stuff-in-a-tin' tasteless mush again)


ebook - Gourmet Chocolate Cakes & Co.

European style cakes - easy and versatile!

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New ebook!

Simply the best...


Gourmet Chocolate Cake and Co.


European style cakes - easy and versatile packed with information and tips with pictorial guides !

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The pros and cons...

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